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A Bookstore By Any Other Name . . .

A love for collecting runs in my family. When I was very young, my mother would drag me to garage sales hunting for depression glass. She would save a few pennies and browse other people's junk until she found just the right piece. The perfect piece. Today, she has an extraordinary collection -- each piece with a story about where she found it or even some little tidbit about the previous owner.

Like my mother, I collect things. I have my "house" collections which include some of my own garage/estate sale finds like early Texas paintings and vintage flower pots.

Then I have my "writing" collections -- journals full of oxymorons, onomatopoeia, unusual names of places/people, story ideas, random lines of dialogue.

And titles. I'm a sucker for a great title.

I've been blessed this year to meet some terrific folks who own or work at independent bookstores across the country. I have a deep affection for the clever and creative, and let me tell you these bookstore people know how to rock the title. So guess what? Since Book Expo America, I've started another collection. I have a spanking new Clairefontaine spiral devoted to bookstores. I keep getting blown away by the great names on some of these stores, so I just had to start keeping a list.

Here are a few of my faves:

Beauty and the Book     www.beautyandthebook.com                               
This is Kathy Patrick "The Pulpwood Queen's" bookstore right here in East Texas. You can buy a book and get your hair did in the same joint. Love it!

Books of Wonder     www.booksofwonder.com
A jaw-dropping children's bookstore in the heart of New York City.

Kids Ink      
This store is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. I met owner Shirley Mullin at a BEA event. She has a real passion for children's books, and a warmth that I'm certain is reflected in her store. 

The Frugal Frigate www.frugalfrigate.com                  
These folks from Redland, California advertise books from "the cradle to college."

Politics & Prose        www.politics-prose.com    
What a great name for a bookstore in Washington D.C.!

So many more great ones out there! Feel free to send me your favorites. I am collecting you know.

Also, check out F.E. Higgins newest novel THE EYEBALL COLLECTOR due out in September. A chilling and thrilling read for the collector in all of us!


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Jun. 29th, 2009 11:03 am (UTC)
My dear dear friend Katherine started The Frugal Frigate and sold it a couple years ago to the current owners. Love that store. I was recently at The Thematic Attic in Covina, CA, great children's book store:)
Jun. 29th, 2009 12:04 pm (UTC)
The Thematic Attic??? Love it! I'm definitely adding it to the list.
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