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"Small Town USA" Playing at the WonkyTonk

Since posting about THE SWEETHEART OF PROSPER COUNTY's playlist over at Jolie's blog, I've been asked to share the details.  However, that's something special I have planned closer to release day. 

But here's a little sample of what I've had cranked in the car the past few weeks.

Co-written and performed by Justin Moore, "Small Town USA" really strikes a chord with me.  Moore grew up in Poyen, Arkansas which boasts a population of around 272.  That's about 98 fewer folks than my hometown of Winfield, Texas.  I also like the fact that the video was shot in Poyen.  And yes, from the church to the dirt road, the scenes remind me of home.

Enjoy a little "Small Town USA" and watch for Justin's album which drops on August 11.

Oh yeah, it doesn't hurt that he's rockin' the Dwight Yoakum azz-huggers either.  :)