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Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind?

No, not the George Strait song. 

I spent this past weekend in Fort Worth.  I just love it and not because I'm a Texas girl.  Fort Worth has it's own culture, a thriving downtown, and some of the best restaurants and museums in the country.  Folks often refer to it as a smaller, Western version of New York. 

Fort Worth is one of the best places in Texas to visit, and here are a few reasons why:

1.  The Stockyards.  Also known as Hell's Half Acre, this National Historic District was the last stop on the Chisholm trail where cowboys could get food and rest before driving the cattle into Red River, Indian territory.  They still herd longhorns twice a day through this area.  Up close and personal with a longhorn.   You can get your cowboy on.

2.  The Love Shack.  Iron Chef Tim Love has this outdoor restaurant in the Stockyards.  Grab a root beer, order the Dirty Love Burger, and enjoy live Texas Country Music.  (That's a genre, in case you didn't know.) 

3.  The Kimball Art Museum.  After you dust yourself off from the Stockyards, check out one of the finest museums anywhere.  Beautiful architecture in a serene setting, the Kimball hosts many sought after collections/exhibitions.  And famous Texans.  I saw Luke and Owen Wilson checking out the art with their Mom the last time I was there.

4.  Sundance Square.  The square is the heart of downtown Fort Worth, and it comes alive at night.  Trees filled with twinkling lights, live music bouncing off the old brick buildings, street dancing, restaurants, Bass Music Hall, and the coolest Barnes & Noble open late for your reading pleasure.

5. Billy Bob's Texas.  The largest HonkyTonk in the country.  You can eat, dance to some of music's hottest stars and respected legends, and watch pro bull riding.  All under one roof.  Seven days a week.