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20 Albums

I happen to be on the Feiwel & Friends 2009 List with the extraordinarily talented Andrew Smith.  If you haven't read his novel, GHOST MEDICINE, you're missing something really special.  It's the story of three young cowboys and the summer in the California ranch/mountain country that changes their lives forever.  Forget Edward Cullen and Jacob, Smith writes about real men:  Troy Stotts, Tommy Buller, and Gabriel Benavidez.   Yeah, I said forget Edward.  Move on. 

I'm so looking forward to Andrew Smith's next book, IN THE PATH OF FALLING OBJECTS, which comes out this fall with THE SWEETHEART OF PROSPER COUNTY.  Also, I enjoy the heck out of his blog http://ghostmedicine.blogspot.com

Andrew is my Facebook friend and tagged me in the note below.  I thought I'd put you guys to the test and share the music love.  Consider yourself tagged.  If you post your list on Facebook, be sure to friend me.  I'd love to see your Top 20. 

List 20 records/albums, CD's that affected  you profoundly, making you want to listen to them over and over.  Be honest about it too -- it's much more fun that way.

(Note:  I happen to like songs with characters and plot -- go figure.)

10 Songs
The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia -- Vicki Lawrence
Jolene -- Dolly Parton
You Ain't Woman Enough -- Loretta Lynn
Brandy -- Looking Glass
Me and Bobby McGee -- Janis Joplin
Paradise By The Dashboard Lights -- Meatloaf
The Road Goes On Forever -- Robert Earl Keen
Red Dirt Road -- Brooks & Dunn
Livin' on A Prayer -- Bon Jovi
If I Had A Boat -- Lyle Lovett

10 Albums
HitStory -- Elvis Presley
Coal Miner's Daughter -- Loretta Lynn
At Folsom Prison -- Johnny Cash
Always on My Mind -- Willie Nelson
Rumours -- Fleetwood Mac
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers -- self-titled debut
Wild-Eyed Southern Boys -- .38 Special
Born In The USA -- Bruce Springsteen
Wide Open Spaces -- Dixie Chicks
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend -- Miranda Lambert