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Crossin' Dixon Playing at the Wonkytonk

This month's album review is the self-titled debut from Crossin' Dixon.   These Mississippi boys are lighting up country radio with their smooth harmonies (reminiscent of Alabama) put down over a driving Southern Rock sound.  As their hit single "Guitar Slinger" foretells:  The second coming of the Midnight Rider.   

For country purists,  the ballad "Don't Give Up On Me" won't disappoint.  But it's on "Stomp," "Mountain Dew and Moonshine," and "Make You Mine" where they put the hammer down on their own high octane brand.  Even the song "I Love My Old Bird Dog" (featured below) shows the band's ability to draw on their Southern Rock roots and still kick it country.

Learn more about Crossin' Dixon at www.crossindixon.com

I'm disappointed that they don't have any Texas dates yet scheduled.  (What's up with that??)  However, the video below was shot in Dallas.

Crank it up!


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Feb. 24th, 2009 11:19 pm (UTC)
WOW.... Those camel Toes boots are completely ridiculous.
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