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Happy Valentine's Day!

With love in the air, I'm giving away a rare ARC of PARADISE (July 2011). The cover sizzles, and I hope readers find that the story does too. It's a story of loves -- not only first romantic love, but love of family and place and the passions we pursue. My wise agent remarked, "As readers dig in, they'll find there is more than meets the eye." Indeed!

So I'm sharing the love by sharing an ARC of PARADISE. You can enter to win by simply commenting here, retweeting the announcement, or liking the fb status. You can also text, drive by and honk, etc. Just let me know you're interested, and I'll add your name to the collection in the Stetson. (You may remember from previous giveaways, I use the sophisticated method of determining a winner by placing names in a hat . . . literally.)

I'll announce the winner on Tuesday, February 15th.

Best of luck and love to you all!


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Feb. 16th, 2011 01:29 am (UTC)
And the winner is
Thanks to everyone who participated via fb, twitter, and the website. The winner is @KrisLovesBooks .
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