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One of the traditions I love about baseball is the player's selection of a walk-up song -- the song that blares throughout the park as a he walks to the plate with nothing on his mind but a home run. Much goes into picking the perfect walk-up song. It must be reflective of the personality of the player and at the same time stir a fire, inspire the swing.

With ARCs shipped for my next novel PARADISE (July 2011) and the cover (see pic) everyone is talking about, I'm getting in the zone. Game-time ready. I want a walk-up song. Baseball doesn't have them on lock.

Since PARADISE is the story of drummer in a country rock band whose sweet romance with the band's lead singer creates tension between what she wants and what she needs, I'm going with something southern and sexy. (Ok, you probably figured I was making that selection anyway.) PARADISE is just that: country-fried with pasture parties, jacked-up trucks, and strong families; sexy in a boots and jeans and pearl-snap shirt kind of way.

So here's my pick for a walk-up song for PARADISE. Um, yes, @Jason_Aldean

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