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I'm looking forward to driving to my old college stomping grounds this week -- Waco, Texas. I'll be presenting to the Central Texas area librarians and giving away the very first ARC of my next novel PARADISE. And it is smokin' hot. I may have to roll the car windows down. Check out all the Library Jubilee Conference info here: http://libraryjubilee2010.weebly.com/

And since my presentation topic is hope and optimism in YA fiction, I have a special signed ARC of my friend Kristin O'Donnell Tubb's novel SELLING HOPE to giveaway. The book is in stores now and it's truly special. Set in 1910 when worries of Halley's Comet had folks in a tizzy, Hope McDaniels and her vaudeville troupe bud Buster Keaton form a one-two punch con team selling Hope's Anti-Comet Pills. From the Pullman Palace Sleeping Car to 1910 Chicago to the Orpheum Palace Theatre, SELLING HOPE drew me to a time and place I'd never imagined and held me there -- much in the same way Fitzgerald's GATSBY reads for me. Captivating. The sensory detail in the setting, the language -- both narrative and dialogue -- create an undeniable sense of place. And Hope's longing for a normal family and home are topics near and dear to me. I just loved it. So I'm sharing my ARC. Be sure and look for a Feiwel & Friends sticky note underneath your chair Tuesday. :)

I'll also be at the North Texas SCBWI meeting this Saturday, November 20 in Arlington. If you're in the Dallas area and you're a writer, stop by. Such a great group and organization!

See you around the state!
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