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Keepin' It Real

We all have favorite songs that we love, but let's face it, the writer of those songs too often gets overlooked.  So any album I review will also be followed by a feature on a songwriter.  Just keepin' it real, ya'll.

As a fiction writer, I am a huge fan of storytellers -- folks from any genre who can captivate with an opening line, take you on an emotional journey, and leave you in the end with something to savor.  Since I reviewed Lee Ann Womack's album "Call Me Crazy," I've planned to talk about just such a storyteller.  In particular, Erin Enderlin who -- along with Shane McAnally -- wrote the hit "Last Call."  She penned this:

I bet your in a bar/ listening to a cheatin' song/ glass of Johnny Walker Red/ No one to take you home/ There probably closin' down/ Sayin' no more alcohol/ I bet you're in a bar/ 'Cause I'm always your last call

If you haven't heard the full song yet or read the lyrics, you're missing out.  WARNING:  I'm going to go full-tilt English teacher on you.  "Last Call" has that just-right literary combo of voice(not vocals), setting, and detail with a trope (the central metaphor of the "last call") that also serves to create dramatic irony.  We know it's the last call for alcohol in the bar.  We know she's the "last call."  But the narrator suggests in the end that the relationship has had its "last call" as well.  We get it, but honey-pie in the bar blowin' up the cell doesn't. 

Erin's definitely someone to watch.  She wrote Alan Jackson's "Monday Mornin' Church," played at the Ryman and the Bluebird Cafe, and is a staff writer for Universal Music Publishing Group.  She's an Arkansas girl who credits her grandparents for her love of country music.  If you know me or you've read my bio, then you know how much I love that about her.  What is it with southern girls, grandparents, and country music?

Please check out Erin and her other songs on her myspace.  I'm especially fond of "His Memory Walks On Water."  It reminds me of Austin in my novel THE SWEETHEART OF PROSPER COUNTY. 

Erin tells about the actual writing of "Last Call" on her myspace blog.  Go pay her a visit.

Hey, and tell her The Wonkytonk sent you!