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Texas Book Fest Highlights

First, let me say this:  If you can't have a good time in Austin, Texas you may find having a good time elusive.  Your time would be better spent tracking Bigfoot.

The Texas Book Festival exceeded all expectations, and Austin on Halloween should be on everyone's bucket list.  Sixth Street, the costumes, the revelry -- the energy was nothing short of intoxicating.  And a big, BIG thank you to Clay and Blair and the awesome group of Austin authors who made me feel so welcome.  THANK YOU!

I''ve posted a few pics below.  (Just so you all know, I fired Plus One as my photographer.  He's cute.  He's brilliant.  But he sucks at photography.)

Here are some of the weekend's highlights in chronological order:

Children's author party at the stylish home of the Festival's Program Coordinator, Clay Smith
     Details:  Shiner Bock, Tex-Mex served by the "Lunch Ladies" from Jarrett Krosoczka graphic novel series, 
                     insightful conversations with authors Cynthia Leitich Smith (TANTALIZE, ETERNAL), 
                     Jessica Lee Anderson (BORDER CROSSING) and Peter Lerangis (THE 39 CLUES).

Saturday's panel on Small Town girls
     Details:  My most favorite topic EVER, a full room and engaged audience, Jacqueline Kelly  (THE 
                     EVOLUTION OF CALPURNIA TATE), Heather Hepler (THE CUPCAKE QUEEN), Diana Lopez       
                     (CONFETTI GIRL), the lovely and quick-witted Sarah Bird moderating.

     Details:  Talking with young readers who had read Sweetheart and brought their friends. *tears up*

Halloween Night in Austin
     Details:  author cocktail party on Congress and chatting with the very sweet Lucy Silag (BEAUTIFUL    
                     AMERICANS), terrific dinner and visit with my new favorite New Yorker, Dick Donahue,
                     dessert on Sixth on the Driskill's patio, the jaw-dropping Halloween costumes on parade

Heading up to the Capitol for the panel on Small Town girls:

Discussing big leather chairs, microphones, and panel anxiety with the very talented Heather Hepler.


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