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Pimpin' the Chili

Maybe it's the bowl games, the playoffs and upcoming Superbowl, March Madness just around the corner, American Idol night, Project Runway marathons, the award shows, or simply my sweet friends who've taken the time to drop by the Wonkytonk . . .

I said I'd never do it, but what the heck!  I'm posting my chili recipe after all these years of keeping it a tight secret. 

For those of you getting ready for the Oklahoma-Florida game, please know that I always make the chili the day before and refrigerate it.  It's just plain better after it has been chilled, and all I have to do on party day is heat it up and put out the toppings and condiments.  No messing up the cute outfit.  No smelling like an onion.

Thanks to all my good friends who've been reading the last few posts, and the new blog visitors who've come for the chili but will hopefully stay for the entertainment. 


You will need:

10-12 qt. stock pot
8-10 qt. plastic container or pitcher
1 large onion (chopped)
5 1/2 lbs. ground sirloin (90% lean, may use ground turkey breast with 2 tblsp. olive oil, or venison)
2 boxes Wick Fowler's 2 alarm chili kit (don't follow the package directions)
2 28oz. cans Muir Glen organic whole peeled tomatoes (puree in blender, don't substitute tomatoes)
1 small can Rotel original diced tomatoes and green chiles
5 cups water (more or less depending on thickness)

Brown meat and chopped onion in stock pot.  Drain completely.  Add pureed tomatoes, Rotel, and 3 cups water.
Add all Wick Fowler's seasonings except red pepper, masa, and salt.  Stir thoroughly.  (Note:  Wick Fowler's seasonings are individually packaged which I prefer.  I don't have to buy a complete jar of each one.  Who uses a jar of cumin every six months?)  Add only 1 packet of the salt, and 1/2 of one packet of red pepper.  Add 1-2 more cups of water just to the consistency that you like your chili. 

Bring to a slow boil and let it boil for at least 10 -15 minutes.  This breaks down the spices and tomatoes.  Simmer for at least one hour, stirring occasionally.  Finally, mix both masa packets with one cup of hot water (slowly so the masa doesn't clump).  Add masa mixture to chili and simmer another 30 minutes.   Cool and refrigerate overnight (up to 3 days) in plastic container.  Freezes well in Zip-Loc freezer bags.  I often use the pint size for individual servings.

The Party Spread

Fritos, Tortilla chips, and Saltines
salad bowl full of crisp, chopped lettuce
mild cheddar sticks, grated sharp cheddar, white cheddar
sliced black olives, chopped white onion, chopped tomatoes
sweet pickles, pickle relish, pickled okra
picante sauce, hot and/or mild

cold, bottled drinks




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Jan. 7th, 2009 10:21 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the stop-by, Jill. Your chili recipe sounds really good. I'll have to try it.

Jan. 9th, 2009 01:47 pm (UTC)
I will testify that this chili is awesome!! I ate it last night. Jill's Chili + Sam Bradford in a football uniform = Great Times! :)
I think the blog is great and keep doin your thang!

Love Ya!
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