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Here For The Party

Saturday's SWEETHEART signing and launch party was an absolute blast. Thanks to everyone who came out and showed the love. How about those Barnes & Noble folks gussied up in their boots and mini-skirts! Patti and Joanna know how to kick it country.

This was my first official signing. I'm not sure how these events usually go, but we got lots of books in the hands of eager readers and I signed and signed and signed. You couldn't walk into the store and not know something special was happening. I'm sure most authors feel this way about their events, but ya'll know how I love a party.  And I can guarantee a few things occurred at THE SWEETHEART OF PROSPER COUNTY launch that would only happen at a Jill S. Alexander book signing.

Here's the insider scoop:

#1  The appearance of a pocket knife:  After a frustrating attempt at opening a large bag of personalized Sweetheart M&Ms, the CRM called for assistance.  My dad whipped out his pocket knife and slit the bag.  Yes. He. Did.  He's a problem solver. . . and an old school country boy. 

#2  Everyone met my younger brother:  I don't have a younger brother.  I do, however, have a much older brother for whom pranking is an art and door knocker mustaches are chick magnets.

#3  Bubba got his book signed:   In a moment straight out of Urban Cowboy, I personalized books for three Bubbas and one Sissy.

#4 Event subject to the football god:  Yes, we scheduled the after-party according to the start time for the Texas Longhorn vs. Texas Tech football game.  

#5 After-party scrapped for dancing:  Hey, it was Saturday night in Texas.  We knew we'd lose at least 2 couples to the Boot Scoot and Boogie.

#6 Lawd, Lawd!  A red silk petticoat:  Remember in Gone With The Wind when Rhett gave Mammy the red petticoat?  Well, Frances found it.

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