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The Texas Book Festival

The 2009 Texas Book Festival kicks off Halloween Day, October 31 in Austin, Texas. 

I'll be there along with some amazing authors from all over the country.    Check out this humdinger of a line-up: 

Stoked I am.

Austin is one of my favorite places in the state.  Live music, Guerro's Tacos, Sixth Street.  Austin is a vibrant city -- full of life, a bit quirky, and definitely one-of-a-kind -- just like our girl Austin in THE SWEETHEART OF PROSPER COUNTY.   Austin in Austin.  Y'all know I'm lovin' that. :)

I'll post my schedule as soon as I get it.  If you're in the area or up for a great weekend, you don't want to miss this.  Think SXSW for books!